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Paul Washer is an exceptional preacher, a humble and passionate man of God – this site is dedicated to his proclamation.

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Brother Washer is the founder of Heart Cry Missionary society that funds and supports indigenous missionaries all across the world.

To Calvinists there are Christian adulterers, Christian murderers, Christian thieves, Christian swindlers, etc.

(76 minutes) Description: In this, the first of two meetings devoted to studying Biblical courtship, Paul Washer uses several scripture passages to lay the foundations for his teaching.Paul Washer believes in once saved always saved like Ray Comfort, R. Paul Washer will try to convince you, as all eternal security proponents do, that once a person becomes regenerated he will forever remain a child of God, even if he terribly backslides. NOTE: At times when Paul Washer teaches his false version of salvation security it is similar to John Mac Arthur (a different Calvinist).They both teach a Christian can fall away temporarily and partially, but never totally or finally -- that is, until they give their sin unto death teaching!Paul Washer, you are teaching the devil's lie that the righteous cannot die spiritually through sin (Gen. I challenge you to a text, audio or video debate on eternal security.(You can pick.) Let's place our exchanges on our web sites for the whole world to benefit by.Who is Paul Washer of the Heart Cry Missionary Society?

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