Paul washer dating youtube


Paul Washer believes in once saved always saved like Ray Comfort, R. Paul Washer will try to convince you, as all eternal security proponents do, that once a person becomes regenerated he will forever remain a child of God, even if he terribly backslides. NOTE: At times when Paul Washer teaches his false version of salvation security it is similar to John Mac Arthur (a different Calvinist).

He has a passion for the glory of God and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Did you know Paul Washer is also wrong about repentance?

He WRONGLY teaches repentance is simply a change of mind!

Also both Paul Washer and John Mac Arthur -- and all in the Reformed tradition -- must think Solomon, who turned to idolatry in his latter years and never repented, didn't totally or finally fall away!

Paul Washer also teaches a true Christian can't be practice sinning, but can sin like King David AND REMAIN SAVED!

According to their dangerous doctrinal fairytale, David supposedly retained his salvation, which means you will too, even if you stray to that degree!

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