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We have clear direction from the Word of God with regard to what he has done through Christ, how he expects us to live, how he expects us to order his Church.

I think that what is being explained here is that God is specific in his will and that we are not to presume that we can take the smallest detail and ignore it.“Aristotle is walking through the halls of this institution.Beware, for I hear his footsteps more clearly than those of the apostle Paul and the team of inspired men who were with him and even the Lord Jesus Christ himself.” We have come to believe that a man of God can deal in certain tiny areas in the life of the Church, but when it really gets tough we need to go to the social experts. It says here in Scripture that the man of God may be equipped, adequate, equipped for every good work. And what do we have to do with all these modern day social sciences that were actually created as a protest against the Word of God?Why am I here except that you called the weakest among men, the most ignoble among brothers and that by your grace, often times, the lesser teaches the greater? But tonight I am going to share with you an indictment, an indictment, but it is an indictment of hope.As I was praying through what I should do in this series of meetings I came to a great conclusion, a great burden that was laid upon my heart. We need an awakening, but we cannot simply expect the Holy Spirit to come down and clean up all the mess we have made.We have been given truth and we cannot simply do what is right in our own eyes and then expect the Holy Spirit to come down and bless our labors.

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