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To keep your membership active, you need to log in and use time.If your membership remains unused for a period of 3 months it will be deactivated without refund.Red Hot Dateline is always free for women, whether you use a membership or not.For your security, you might be asked to verify your personal information.In the unlikely event that we do not provide local service to your area, call our friendly, 24-hour, toll-free Customer Service at 1-800-434-4469 and they'll help you get connected.Your membership number gives you access to Red Hot Dateline and your pass code is like your bank PIN number so it is important to keep these numbers private and not to share them with anyone..

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For your security, you might be asked to verify your personal information. No one from Red Hot Dateline will ever contact you while you are on the system.The system will inform you of your membership balance when you log on.You will be given the option to purchase more time when your balance is less than 20 minutes.The phone number that appears goes to our discrete billing department where they do not divulge information unless they are talking to you. Since 1990, we have been approved by the top banks in North America to provide secure credit card processing for our members.All credit cards presented are securely directed to the financial institution that issued the card.Your Web Account is associated to the email that you provided when you signed up.

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