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Our eyes catch each other several times, as we walked towards the car… I whipped out my laptop from my backpack, she was surprised to know that I had a laptop along, and we started to surf the net at Mcdonald’s. But I think she might need something for herself, so I bought her to Watson’s, just to see if she needed anything. Then we left the place, and finally reached my house…

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The feeling between and me wasn’t like maid and employer, but rather, boyfriend girlfriend.I sat on her bed as she unpacked, and I was curious how her lingerie looks like… So I tell her which shampoo, conditioner is for her…And she was shy when the lingerie, which was hidden beneath the clothes, finally saw the light of day. Never mind, next time we will buy some real sexy ones, I think to myself. And I just leave her alone to enjoy her 1st bath in my house. So I held her hands, while she stood in front of me…This is a free TGP, MGP and Tube Site featuring erotic pictures and videos of the most beautiful Asian Cam Models.You can meet all of these babes online day or night.I quickly said, and she blushed, and did not say anything… I took a pack of soya bean for her to drink, and when I entered her room, she had already unpacked her stuff, and waiting for me to show her where the washing machine is… — walked out from the bathroom, after a good hour of soaking in the bathtub. A matching pink outfit of t-shirt and shorts, she looked cute in them. It’s a very good feeling when you are holding the hands of the gal that you love… An indication that she hoped I will treat her well in the future.

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