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Member of a phylum (Ectoprocta or Bryozoa) of sessile colonial animals, commonly referred to as sea mats or moss animals, that are superficially similar to corals but are instead members of the Lophotrochozoa.Any worm of the phylum Chaetognatha, commonly called an arrowworm.

A statistical method for measuring consistency in datasets in which new simulated datasets are generated by sampling with replacement.This shift is articulated and anticipated at a philosophical level in the Leibnizian vision of nature as an infinite ensemble of diverse substances reflecting the same underlying metaphysical unity.The shift is further taken up and developed in later natural science, particularly in the work of French natural historians such as √Čtienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and associated figures.This gain had to do, not just with empirical observation and abductive inference from what was observed, but also with a number of other developments in European intellectual history that might at first glance seem rather distant.A first such is a general rise in philosophical and aesthetic appreciation of diversity, which issued in the cataloging, charting, and assessing of the multitudinousness of natural kinds, as central to the project of natural science.Alleles that differ slightly from the resident alleles are introduced into a population, and may invade it; if they do, they will either displace the allele, or may coexist with it, in a balanced polymorphism.

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