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I believe that the second medal on the seated indian officer is the 1900 China Medal, which would make a likely unit the Queen's Own Madras Sappers and Miners.However, there may well have been other companies of Sappers and Miners from the Indian Army present, but this is really outside my area.On the other hand, I do like the fact that the "Grandma Lilly" seems to just roll off Atsali's tongue. We can go investigate the site of a runaway nuclear reaction, from underneath which there is evidence of something possibly immortal, possibly cybernetic, possibly related to a civilization-wide trauma that almost fried my synapses the first time around, and might even somehow be associated with a malign Nu Gui which successfully plotted all of the above and very nearly killed us all. Let's go take on a huge, dangerous Unknown (possibly after doing some intensive research at the Library).Whatever else is going on, she seems to have fully accepted Lilly into her family circle. But remember, The best thing for Atsali is to paraphrase Prof. "True, but it may still take some getting used to, and would become easier to do the more they see each other.Uniforms were scarlet with blue velvet facings for officers and SNCOs, with the latters collar and cuffs trimmed with yellow worsted cord in the form of an Austrian knot. As an example, the Queen’s Own Madras Sappers and Miners had their base in Bangalore. officers intent on a career in India would hope to spend several years with one of the three presidency sapper regiments where they would experience regimental life and ‘soldiering’, with a chance of campaign service.

Cheers Jon I do not know what the 'necklaces' represent, but the uniforms appear to be of the Indian Army Sappers and Miners, who had British NCOs, as well as officers on establishment, and whose dress was based on that of Royal Engineers (whose other ranks had themselves previously been titled Sappers and Miners until 1856). The British officers present appear to be in blue (frogged) patrol jackets, while the others are in scarlet full dress tunics.

When naming the thread: Comic Name YYYY-MM-DDThanks guys! over New Years, so this fits in with the mood I'm in.

Since uncontrolled meltdowns tend to destroy anything underneath them, I'd say something survived the incident and was sucked below with the material. At least Lily has wised up to getting the lowdown on powerful beings I can't make up my mind as to whether the beginning of the conversation indicates a casualness about them that would mean that Grandma Lilly has been spending more time with them lately (on and off, most likely), or surprise on Atsali's part that Lilly would suddenly come seeking her out.

Maximilian Arturo to her BFF, "Given the fraudulent seeming nature of this woman's claims to be receiving a signal from underneath a nuclear meltdown area as well as my near death upon my previous involvement, I suggest a response that harkens back to our earlier childhoods. There are people who call their step-parents by their first names for quite some time.

Atsali was an orphan for a while, but knew her own parents.

The type of suspender bar was more common then, but should at least help you to narrow things down.

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