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Our neighbors were all professional people and we could go for several weeks without seeing our next door neighbor.Over the past several years Deb had got a soft spot for trying to help the underprivileged and environment type attitude.We had intentionally chose our career paths over having a family.

Over the next several months we would get together on weekends and just talk.

He asked about what we did for a living and seemed genuinely interested as we talked at length about our jobs and careers.

When we inquired about what he did for a living he told us he worked for the cute neighbor project.

He was outgoing and friendly and always trying to strike up a conversation. As Deb and I drove into the driveway one Saturday afternoon he came up as we got out of the car.

He looked the car over and commented on it being a nice ride.

I had bought up the idea of having another man or women join us to which Deb would roll her eyes and tell me I should have sown my wild oats during college.

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