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Gardening is good for you in so many ways, fresh air and exercise, the enjoyable kind of exercise, not the boring kind a gym offers. Learn how to establish credit by calling a small loan company directly and building a relationship so they approve your loan. Then twice a day I throw them my homemade chicken scratch.When you live a simple debt free life you don’t have a big credit history, in the eyes of the bank no credit is just as bad as bad credit. This makes them pick and scratch around to eat it so they have … I didn’t have a lot of money and I had bad credit so when I was sick of renting and wanted to buy land I looked around for owner financing.Becky shows you how she uses DE and Boric acid to make an ant killer that’s safe and really works. Those are all good things only if they can help you get closer to the one investment that really matters. I’m here to show you how I did it and trust me you can do it too. Today we’re going to go through a survival prepper homestead kit that everybody should start putting together.You just sprinkle it near your door and baseboards and also right on top … In this video I show you step by step how I use diatomaceous earth to deworm all the animals on my homestead. Becky is cooking a big county breakfast on the Presto electric griddle. If you invest in your education just so you can get a 60 hour a … We’re going to go through one item at a time, and we’re going to go through it in detail so you know what you need, and why you need it, and where you can get it. This healthy dessert recipe is perfect for your diet. This easy dessert recipe is great for your diet because it uses whole food ingredients that are high quality and this diet cake recipe is also low in sugar.When it’s time to get the job done my mule has super powers and out does everyone in the pasture, then he settles right back down. What I have learned about chickens needing to eat meat from my experience, is yes, chickens need to eat meat.

Fall is always a great time to make a pumpkin pie or two! I’m going to show you how I feed all the animals on my homestead with my quick easy setup.The first step to restoring cast iron cookware is to run some warm water and put a lot of soap in the pan, then scrub it with …Today I make a very, very easy delicious pumpkin pie that will be a hit every time you make it.I have also repaired lots of fencing and that is even a bigger drag. Buff Orpington hens tend to be broody, so if your looking to raise some chicks the natural way, get a couple Buff Orpingtons.Well here is some fencing that is easy to put up, super sturdy and looks good. Raising chickens for eggs is really fun, here’s my three tips for being successful with your backyard chickens: Number one is building a good coop. Barred Plymouth Rock They are a Cold tolerant and dual purpose breed which is nice for …Chicken coops were invented for a good reason and that reason is to keep your chickens safe, healthy and alive. There is no better way to get back to nature than to create a backyard garden.

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