Reel fish dating

Do you have what it takes to become the next great Fishing Master?

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Or like so many men I’ve met, my prospect might be a nice fellow, but all the fruitless searching and resulting loneliness have left him with a patina of disillusionment; he has lots of crazy dating stories but a famished soul. I’ve dipped my foot into the polluted waters, but remain essentially alone.

Oh yeah, plus we have nothing in common, or his politics are problematic, or he still lives at home or he wants to date a woman who can gut her own salmon. And I think there are other solutions to loneliness beyond dating.

Each fish looks and moves so much like the real thing, it's the closest you can get to real-life fishing without putting on your waders!

Choose from a variety of lures to attract and hook the game's numerous wily fish.

Plenty Of Fish isn’t the best dating site, that honor goes to Tinder, but it is the biggest.

And while I may not spend every second on the water like he does, I am sure that I have caught a keeper. Am I sporting an invisible sign that says I lust after the irremediably damaged?An old friend recently attracted the perfect guy on Plenty of Fish.The male dating pool can’t all be comprised of discounted, long expired cold cuts.Or do a greater percentage of damaged meat popsicles go online; whereas, us lithe, evolved yoginis have simply given up, retreating to Netflix, and, you know, retreats. Why is grown up dating a visit to the dump complete with flesh-eating zombies when we all know cool single grown ups?You can find every type of woman on POF except for SWPL artists and hipsters who you can find on Ok Cupid instead.

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