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The profile has some other things you can use as well.Wasted Time R (talk) , 9 August 2013 (UTC) That line from People directly conflicts other sources.When I was sixteen I couldn't think of nothing but of getting into the military.As soon as I turned seventeen I quit school and went down to join the Marines.

I certainly don't want you taking it upon yourself to write the article how you think it should read.It doesn't directly conflict with the Newsmax piece that you are using in the article. Also, the Merchant Marines time is supported by this page on him, where someone appears to have had pretty detailed access to his service record.Some of the details at this page can be confirmed elsewhere, for example that the destroyer he served on in the late 1940s was USS Massey is confirmed by this account of Rudy at a ship reunion (it gives Rudy's dates aboard as 1946-48 rather than the other page's 1946-49, but close enough).Also, note that I got a story out of a newspaper archive and added to the article to further establish that he grew up in Rochester and provide some idea of his early schooling.Wasted Time R (talk) , 15 August 2013 (UTC)I didn't mean that you should remove it, just better explain it - per the Stars and Stripes source in the article, he was part of a secret group organized to assist Chinese fighters in a planned attack on the Japanese mainland.More could be added, such that he dropped out of high school to go into the service.

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