Robert kardashian and angela simmons dating romantic things to do dating


Rob Kardashian’s split with Blac Chyna got ugly fast.He fell into a scandal that involved him leaking Chyna’s nudes on Instagram, and people did not like what he did.Angela Simmons demanded that the media stop trying to create a competition between Diggy and Jo Jo.She went on to say that the entire family is extremely happy for Diggy and they are wishing him the best of luck.However, last fall, she also said that she has no problems dating outside of her race.

In her short time in the spotlight, she has been romantically linked to the likes of Bow Wow.that the couple, who have been dating for about three months have decided to part ways.The split was amicable, and Angela has already moved back to New York.She did not deny enjoying his company, but she did deny ever dating him.But, this does not mean that she is not open to dating outside of her race.But how did the only Kardashian boy lose so much money?

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