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Many types of firewalls are available, differentiated partly by price, but also on features and performance.

Generally, the more expensive the firewall, the more power and features it has.

Does the firewall need to be available at all times?

If you are offering a public Web server facility when users may want to connect 24 hours a day, you need almost 100% uptime.

In This Module Objectives Applies To How To Use This Module Design Guidelines System Attacks and Defense Device Definition Firewall Features Firewall Classes Class 1 - Personal Firewall Class 2 - Router Firewall Class 3 - Low-end Hardware Firewall Class 4 - High-end Hardware Firewall Class 5 - High-end Server Firewall Perimeter Firewall Usage Perimeter Firewall Rules Hardware Requirements Firewall Availability Security Scalability Performance Consolidation Standards and Guidelines Summary References This module helps you to select a suitable firewall product for your organization's perimeter network.

Your ISP can often implement firewall restrictions on your link, such as , i.e.

This section provides a summary of some of the better known system attacks, along with reasons for using a firewall service as the first line of defense.

The Internet is a haven for those who want to adversely affect organizations or steal trade secrets to gain competitive advantage.

Although a firewall offers protection for your network, it also costs money and creates an impediment to traffic flow, so you should look for one that is as cost effective and efficient as possible.

In an enterprise network architecture, there will generally be three zones: A firewall checks incoming IP packets and blocks those it believes are intrusive.

Consider the downtime costs in your organization if the service is suspended by a denial of service attack.

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