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Did they forget to tell you that at least two Nobel Prize winning physicists are skeptics, and four NASA Astronauts, not to mention some of the top climatologists?

Meanwhile they say 97% of climate experts agree, but they don’t say that that’s only 75 people.

Retired scientists and engineers and teams of helpers are independently auditing official reports. In 2009, world carbon markets turned over 0 billion dollars.

If a new global carbon market was created it will become a trillion market, the largest commodity market in the world (bigger than oil).

RSVP organise a whole variety of events nationwide from wine and cheese nights to cooking classes as well as harbour cruises and weekends away.

It’s possible that CO2 provides some extra push (amplification) but if it does, its effect is so small that it can’t be seen in those graphs.

On average there is an event weekly around the country.

To make sure you don’t miss any of these great events, make sure you register with RSVP.

Humidity will rise, sure, but it can rain out or form low clouds. Will humidity hang around and thicken the “blanket”, or not?

While the simulations say “yes”, the observations say “No”.

” “Why do professors break laws of reason known for 2000 years? Jo has been interviewed on The John Batchelor Show (NY) [1] [2] and with Michael Smith on 4BC and on Global Cooling Radio.

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