Ryan gosling natalie portman dating


If there was one positive thing from the generally ill-advised new X-Men franchise, it’s Fassbender’s performance as a first-tier bad guy.

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Twenty-six seconds into the trailer, during a montage of Gosling and Rooney Mara doing a variety of cutesy couple things, Malick ambushes the viewer with a jarring twist — flinging from one face to another in a live-action version of the i Phone panoramic camera setting.

Well, here’s a rough road map that led to them ‘shacking up’.

The two met while shooting their 2012 movie, Later on that year there were speculations of a break up, but the two put them to rest by going for a romantic stroll and later Gosling took her as a plus one to his mum’s graduation.

If Fassbender wasn’t so intent on being a movie star, one can only imagine what a brilliant villain he might make in any number of roles.

The “Song to Song” trailer provides yet another tantalizing glimpse into the evil Fassbender alternate timeline.

Fassbender seduces Portman’s waitress character with irrepressibly charming smarminess and later tries to steal Gosling’s girl.

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