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The signs leading into Santa Nella say "Everything For The Traveler", which always makes me feel like I'm entering a creepy cult town that worships the Traveler from Star Trek. "On The West Wing, they have televisions all over the place and at most one of the televisions has its sound on at any time. Only the Traveler may order the Traveler's Breakfast Special!Updated Games Mini-Roundup These games have already been featured in a Game Roundup (and/or they're games I talk about all the time outside of Game Roundups), but I'm mentioning them again because they've been updated recently.Bad Onion is a platform game where you play an onion who supposedly has an "attitude", though he doesn't let it interfere with his work.Fortunately things have been arranged so that getting to the top of the tower knocks the whole thing down to the waterline, so that's all you have to do.Then you get in your little yellow submarine and shoot missiles at fish (Seriously! I was thinking "This is a nice cut scene, but it's going on too long," hit the space bar, and blew up a fish.).If you're at a fast food restaurant there is no dessert menu, but come on!

If you can't get enough inverse-square-law action, Luola is another new game of that type. It shouldn't be a gravity game, since it takes place in outer space, but somehow it is.The game is cute and fun, but difficult in arbitrary ways (things coming out of nowhere to knock you over); I played for far too long before toppling my first tower.The boards have cool names like "Tower of Eyes" and "Realm of Robots", though."A powerup that briefly turns the game into Breakout? It has a clumsy game selection interface, but it dares do what other generic game engines do not, by representing games like Pacman and Tetris.It doesn't seem to know how to play Pacman or Tetris, though.It reminds me (in spirit if not in size) of the apartment in The Apartment. "Moving in" to consist of driving there and unloading my car--all the stuff that's been rattling around my trunk since Bakersfield is still in all your modules. More later about the similar, subtler tools I've been wanting to craft for a while. I had Mongolian BBQ a couple nights ago, but I forgot to mention it because it was so bad. If you order a milkshake will it be worth the calories?

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