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Daddy, where do disturbing search requests come from? Wow, I just got spam from Nigeria that wasn't Nigerian scam spam. Next it'll be air compressor parts, and over time the Nigerians will take over the spamming industry. As per my suspicion it is like Snow Crash, except good. It's trivial to make a Caesar salad that's 10 times better than anything you can get in a restaurant (at least the middlebrow, not-too-expensive restaurants I frequent). Not sure if there's another reason to visit Nebraska.Maybe from people turning search results into poetry. Actually to call it an apartment is to overstate the case. I am continually distressed to find that, like Ben Jonson's ne'er-do-well ancestors, Stevenson preemptively stole This article goes with that AP photo. Demonstrating that that visited-states map thing is a general, flexible tool, here's the result of Brendan and I playing the license plate game (Bonus Canadian addendum).The game is cute and fun, but difficult in arbitrary ways (things coming out of nowhere to knock you over); I played for far too long before toppling my first tower.The boards have cool names like "Tower of Eyes" and "Realm of Robots", though.This is in defiance of the Fundamental Theorem of Ice Cream Flavoring, which is that you flavor your ice cream while you're making it and not afterwards.You can apply this decision procedure by looking at the dessert menu and seeing if they ever hint at the possibility that ice cream might exist in more than one flavor.

Bad Onion is a platform game where you play an onion who supposedly has an "attitude", though he doesn't let it interfere with his work.It reminds me (in spirit if not in size) of the apartment in The Apartment. "Moving in" to consist of driving there and unloading my car--all the stuff that's been rattling around my trunk since Bakersfield is still in all your modules. More later about the similar, subtler tools I've been wanting to craft for a while. I had Mongolian BBQ a couple nights ago, but I forgot to mention it because it was so bad. If you order a milkshake will it be worth the calories?The best part: it used to be used by the vicar of the local Lutheran church, who it seems has just skipped town. I'd like to point out things brought into stark relief by the, well, stark relief of the US map. I would say "At least it was Mongolian BBQ", but... Still weird that it's easier to get Mongolian BBQ in Arkansas than in San Francisco. It's easy to find out with this decision procedure that's a lot simpler than the decision procedure for hot sauce quality.In-N-Out Burger flagrantly violates this decision procedure (you can actually see the syrup in its finished shakes), but its shakes are pretty good.The only thing I can think of is that if you start with good vanilla ice cream, you can make a decent shake out of it by adding syrup. Yesterday, no sooner had the electrons dried on my previous entry than I was invited to Adam Harrington's birthday party. This was to be a Big Lebowski-themed birthday party, held in a bowling alley. Dave Mason and I went to Target beforehand and bought Dude-ish clothes and, for the gift, a duffel bag full of socks and underwear briefs--the ringer. It is in this crucible that men's souls are laid bare. expressed a desire to see a movie, if any movies existed. "Set in outer space, with an all-female cast."If you don't have a coffee mug, you can drink hot chocolate out of the measuring cup. Ever since I saw that I have been wondering why the Breen would want to blow up Colma.

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