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Instead of embracing her typical girl-next-door persona this time around, Bullock is playing Margaret Tate, a younger and far less exciting version of Miranda Priestly from.

Much like Priestly, her employees fear her, her put-upon assistant Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) can't please her, no matter how hard he works, and her career in publishing ultimately consumes her otherwise lonely life.

Then again, who else could pull off that Julia Child accent?

Angelina Jolie The reigning boxoffice queen, Jolie earned a mid- million payday, all in, from "Wanted, and her name on the marquee meant that "Changeling" more than doubled its domestic gross overseas.

DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009Theatrical Release Date: June 19, 2009Rating: PG-13 (for sexual content, nudity and language)Genre: Romantic Comedy Run Time: 107 min.

Director: Anne Fletcher Actors: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T.

Even such recent Oscar winners as Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet are hard-pressed to cross the million mark.

Oddly, veteran Meryl Streep seems a better bet, years after being considered boxoffice poison.

In one scene, she even resorts to a booty-shaking dance that's more embarrassing than anything.Thankfully, the film's gorgeous cinematography, with Massachusetts' lush foliage standing in beautifully for Alaska's, provides a enjoyable diversion. Of course, the trip inevitably gets off to a pretty rocky start.Turns out Margaret isn't a nature girl or particularly fond of fluffy dogs like the Paxtons' have, which provides many opportunities for screwball comedy.Not content to head back to Canada without a fight, Margaret has a flash of genius when the always-dependable Andrew walks through the door.Announcing that she and Andrew are getting married, her boss simply tells her to "make it legal," and Margaret and Andrew immediately start hashing out the details of their upcoming pretend marriage. Ready to move up the proverbial office food chain, he's ready to resort to blackmail if necessary, too.Complete Women in Entertainment coverage If Hollywood actresses don't command the same top dollar their male counterparts do -- and they don't -- a quick check of the boxoffice provides plenty of reasons why.

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