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Let's move on to the minimum hardware specifications to interact with modern networks:(It also has other uses, such as older color games) Nearly all Mac machine specs are here.

If all you have is a Windows box or Linux unit, then the difficulty of interaction with the vintage computer increases considerably, particularly with Macs without 1.44MB drives.

The SE/30 logic board as shown is a total write-off and it is unfortunate that the heart of the system, the motherboard, is the usual target for these catastrophes.

(Image credit goes out to volvo242gt at 68) Power supplies and analog boards (128K through the Classic II and Color Classic) are also vulnerable and it is only a matter of time before these incidents will increase in frequency and inevitably require due care and attention.

Some areas of this guide will not be relevant based on hardware or software incompatibilities (i.e. All the newer computers running Windows or Mac OS X 10.2 already have networking support over Ethernet, Wi Fi or other protocols which can be adequately covered elsewhere on the Internet.

This Guide will be primarily focused on networking any Macintosh from the Macintosh 512K up to the last "Beige G3" series that came out just before the first-generation i Mac, with either Ethernet or serial data methods like Local Talk.The Linux section should remain relevant for some time, but the author cannot guarantee this statement.For one, the Desktop Environment (DE) demonstrated is GNOME 2, which was the standard DE for Ubuntu and some Debian systems, and it is a nice looking DE for the times it was deployed.But GNOME 2 is depreciated and is only being carried on by the MATE project, and we don't know how long that will last.The point is that you may have to a bit of work to do in applying the principles here to your individual system.These matters should be of first-order importance, as the results of dying electrolytic capacitors and exploding PRAM batteries can be catastrophic.

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