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We strived for accuracy and detail but we can only go so far in that regard.This page and the More Info page do not collect any information about any individual user.All images are thumbnails and can be opened in a new tab or window for a larger version.

This Guide will be primarily focused on networking any Macintosh from the Macintosh 512K up to the last "Beige G3" series that came out just before the first-generation i Mac, with either Ethernet or serial data methods like Local Talk.Should any links expire, contact the author for a locally saved version (all links have been saved, save for certain download links) of the first page only; or use the Way Back Machine at No warranty, guarantee of accuracy or completeness of any kind; both this page and the More Info page are for informational purposes only and the reader/user assumes all risk and responsibility, and the words and images herein are merely suggestions.These developments will probably mean that FTP over Ethernet, AFP over Ethernet inside a virtual machine (VM) like Virtual Box or its brothers, AFP over Apple Talk using an AFP bridge using a virtual machine with Netatalk installed, or worst case scenario, RS232 based file transfer and PPP passthrough techniques could be the only remaining methods (Mac OS X, particularly the older versions, can be somewhat dicey inside virtual machine programs, if it runs at all).So for all the documentation and illustration here, it could all be for naught, but at least it would be interesting from a historical perspective.Only the internal awstat feature of the server collects information, however this information is not shared with anyone.

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