Secret friends finds webcam

The problems arise when they're used for nefarious purposes, which happens more often than any of us would like.A lawsuit against Airbnb over a reported hidden camera in a rental property is ongoing.These cameras are easy to obtain, and most require no technical skills to install, meaning anyone with ill intent could place them in a public place and watch you when you're unaware.Laws pertaining to hidden cameras vary from state to state, so you'll want to check your local laws to find out the specifics in your area.These apps use your smartphone's flash to light up camera lenses and help you detect them, though many have received negative reviews, which speaks to how tough it can be to spot a hidden camera.For i Phone, there's Spy Hidden Camera Detector (.99); for Android, try Glint Finder (free, with advertisements).

You may even have some "hidden" cameras of your own, like Dropcams for home security, nanny cams to watch the baby or a doorbell camera to see who's knocking.If nothing else, these apps make a good stop-gap method for finding hidden cameras until you get a better solution.A professional-quality hidden camera detector is both easier to use and more effective. Professional detectors offer two methods of finding a camera: either they look for that glint from the lens (much like using a flashlight or smartphone), or they detect RF broadcasts from a wireless camera.In a noisy environment, you definitely won't be able to hear them, but if you're in a place where you can turn off lights, radios, televisions and other sources of sound, you may be able to hear a camera activate.Unfortunately, the above methods aren’t foolproof — but don’t give up just yet.Go slowly, and examine suspicious places from multiple angles.

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