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In December, there was another aggravation of relations between Mikhail Myasnikovich and Alexander Lukashenka.If the Prime Minister supports realistic economic policy, Alexander Lukashenko continues to set ambitious and almost impossible tasks.Against this background, the authorities represented by Vice-Premier Anatoly Tozik actually announced their readiness to review the basis of social policy.The top officials don’t leave attempts to obtain political status, this time with the use of amendments to the Electoral Code.In the situation of continuous decline in the quality of public administration, the degradation of human resources authorities in all areas, the probability of even an authoritarian political modernization is extremely small.Without reforming the current system of ownership and management of the economy, in the situation of officials being not controlled by the society and growing corruption, the collapse of the existing social project could turn Belarus into a Latin-American state of 70-80-ies of the 20 century.According to the results of the year, the failure of the plans of the authorities about GDP growth can be stated.And there is no reason to believe that in 2013 the situation will improve.

Belarusian authorities are trying to restore dialogue with the West and the international financial institutions.

The latest summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (hereinafter referred to as CSTO) has not demonstrated any clear results.

It has become apparent that Moscow is anxiously watching the development of the situation in Afghanistan.

And the law enforcement agencies, responsible for the internal security of the regime, will have also privileged status.

The development of the situation over the last month.

The main objective of the Government is the rationalization of existing social cost and increase of efficiency. Although this is mainly just a slogan, a significant work is done in the social sphere.

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