Sep defs not updating


You can reasonably expect your director to stay up for a long time without crashing and will not need to be brought down for servicing any more than any other diskless router.An alternative to flash memory is a cdrom "Matthew S.

CARP pfsync provides easy, scalable load balancing and HA for firewalls.

Crocker" matthew (at) crocker (dot) com My LVS servers are currently EXT2 but I'm either going to go with a diskless server using netboot or a CD based server.

Our LVS is becoming our firewall (using NAT) and I'd rather have it stay bullet proof. The LVS code itself does not provide high availability.

In the case of http, the client will not even realise that the server/service has failed, since they get a new connection when clicking on a link.

For session oriented connections (e.g.https, telnet) all unsaved data and session information will be lost.

For this level of reliability, the system has to handle all faults without human intervention. For service failure on the realserver or director failure (without the Server State Sync Demon), the client's session with the realserver will be lost.

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