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Conway Christian School, Conway "Detention hall, suspension or corporal punishment" will result from referral to the Principal for "secondary minor offenses" such as being in the hallway without a pass, or chewing gum in the building.Cornerstone Christian Academy, Tillar Stealing, cheating, lying, insubordination and public displays of affection are some of the specific grounds for paddling students in grades 6 to 12.

CP is listed as a penalty, mostly at the first offense, for some 20 violations, the usual alternative being ISS.As at most schools, "Corporal punishment must not be administered in the presence of other students..." but with this interesting proviso: "...except those who are receiving similar punishment at the same time".Monticello Christian Academy At this K-12 school, "Corporal Correction Training" consists of "a reasonable number of firm strokes applied to the buttocks of the student using a flat wooden paddle".A hyperlink to another website is to be regarded merely as equivalent to quoting a reference to a published book and inviting readers to look for it in a library.¦ Australia ¦ Bahamas, The ¦ Barbados ¦ Botswana ¦ Ghana ¦ Grenada ¦ Guyana ¦ Jamaica ¦ Malaysia ¦ Nigeria ¦ Northern Marianas ¦ Pakistan ¦ Philippines ¦ Singapore ¦ South Africa ¦ St Lucia ¦ Swaziland ¦ Tanzania ¦ United States ¦ Zambia ¦ Zimbabwe ¦ USA, States A -- this page USA, States C-K USA, States L-M USA, States N-S USA, Tennessee, Texas (private and charter) USA, Texas (public) school districts A-M USA, Texas (public) school districts N-Z USA, States U-W All other countries ¦ Alabama ¦ Alaska ¦ Arizona ¦ Arkansas ¦ California ¦ Colorado ¦ Connecticut ¦ Florida ¦ Georgia ¦ Idaho ¦ Indiana ¦ Kansas ¦ Kentucky ¦ Louisiana ¦ Mississippi ¦ Missouri ¦ New Mexico ¦ North Carolina ¦ Ohio ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Pennsylvania ¦ South Carolina ¦ Tennessee ¦ Texas (private and charter schools) ¦ Texas (public school districts A-M) ¦ Texas (public school districts N-Z) ¦ Virginia ¦ Washington State ¦ West Virginia ¦ Wyoming ¦ Chilton County Schools -- see this Sep 2013 news item, which states that there were 374 paddlings in year 2011/12, of which 145 at Thorsby High School.This type of misbehavior may be corrected by corporal punishment." It should preferably be administered in the principal's office.

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