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If it had not been for your service we would have never met.Applicants must fill ‘Online Application’ as per the Jurisdiction Applicable.Fees for all services are subject to change from time to time.If, due to any reason, an applicant is not in a position to apply in person, only an immediate family member (Spouse or blood relatives) can apply on behalf of an applicant with a proper authority letter authorizing the immediate family member (Spouse or blood relatives) to apply on applicant’s behalf.Important Note: Including the above four documents, please review the scenarios provided below & provide the documents for the situation(s) most applicable to you.Re-issue of Passports: Up to one year after expiry or up to one year before expiry (having valid Visa)/If there are no sufficient blank pages in the Passport/ Change of name subsequent to marriage or remarriage or divorce or death of spouse/Addition or Deletion of Spouse name/Change of address/Change of signature/Change in appearance Penalty Penalty levied (as per case) on Passport applications under the instructions received from the competent authorities.

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