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Such offenders must then notify the police, within 3 days, of any changes to the details listed above.They must also notify the police, within 3 days, if they spend 7 days or more (whether consecutively or within a twelve month period) at an address they have not already notified to the police.Details will then be noted and an assessment of the potential risk and information will be completed by the police.

The notification requirements for Registered Sex Offenders is a set of instructions that they must comply with when placed on the Sex Offenders Register.People who commit sexual offences differ in their level of impulsiveness, their sexual interests, their attitudes and beliefs about offending, their level of risk to the public, and their desire to change their behaviour.The number of offenders in our community who pose a risk of serious harm to others is thankfully very small.If an offender fails to comply with these notification requirements then they commit a criminal offence and are liable to a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment.The term "sexual offence" covers a wide range of criminal offences characterised by a sexual motive or inappropriate sexual behaviour.We are delighted to announce that entry for our Festival of Running is now open.

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