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2) Sign up to and either send a message (Contact Info - Any of the three options) OR reply to .If you still insist on leaving a comment on the main page for this mod, take note of this: 1) I'm not likely to see it and, if I do eventually see it, I'll direct you to one of the proper communication channels (see above) before helping you; Seriously, doing it properly will save you and me time.

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Update time: Still humming along with the campaign, though it's taking a good deal longer than I anticipated.

Various other features - including a Mod Manager (more than a boring old Mod Launcher) - will make this a must have tool.

Before I bugger off, I'll leave a request here. 1) A comment like that is annoying and will in no way allow me to help you.

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Any ship hailing from Coruscant would be painted entirely red; others would only have stripes.

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