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He gets it published, and then he and Soraya start trying to have a baby.They are unable to conceive, however, and after numerous tests doctors cannot explain why they can’t have a child.They talk about adoption, but General Taheri says he doesn’t like the idea. Amir’s writing career has gone well, in the meantime, and with the advance from his second novel, he and Soraya buy a house in San Francisco.But the inability to have a child still lingers between them.

Because Baba is so sick, they plan to have the wedding quickly.The different events of this section all revolve around one focus: Amir becoming a man. He loses Baba and becomes fully responsible for himself.He also completes and publishes his first novel, establishing his career as a writer.General Taheri throws the story out, and walking Amir away he tells Amir to remember that he is among other Afghans.Amir is disheartened, but he soon becomes focused on Baba, who is ill.Baba replies that he’s been trying to teach Amir precisely this all his life and forbids Amir to tell anyone about his illness.

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