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When she was eighteen, she ran away with an Afghan man.

They lived together for nearly a month before General Taheri found her and took her home. Amir admits it bothers him a little, but he still wants to marry her.

What Baba does witness of this makes him happy, and he dies proud of Amir.

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When Amir pleads with Baba to try chemotherapy, Amir asks what he is supposed to do without Baba.

Baba replies that this is what he has been trying to teach Amir his whole life.

After nearly a year of longing for Soraya, Amir finally gets the nerve to speak to her.

Soraya tells Amir that, on the night her father brought her home after she ran away, he arrived with a gun, and once she was home he made her cut off her hair.General Taheri throws the story out, and walking Amir away he tells Amir to remember that he is among other Afghans.Amir is disheartened, but he soon becomes focused on Baba, who is ill.To Amir, it is clear for the first time why Baba has always treated him the way he has.He was preparing Amir to take care of himself and to know right from wrong. In his transition to adulthood, Amir also transitions from one family to another.Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer but refuses to receive treatment.

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