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They are bluish-black or olive brown dorsally (on their back) with paler sides and a white belly. They are distinguished by armor-like plates and a long protruding snout that is ventrally located, with four barbels crossing in more...The Aunt’s Ruby’s German Green is a sweet juicy tomato with a piquant bite.The oval shaped and slightly pointed squash measures up to five inches thick and can weigh up to 60-80 pounds. Wild rice is a misnomer, as it is not actually rice, but rather an aquatic grass similar to corn.This tall, aquatic grass has long blades that grow best in the shallow waters of the Great Lakes region of the US (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio). The Arkansas Black Apple is highly aromatic and has a sweet-tart flavor.Find beverages, poultry, breads, fish, fruits and more by using this sort option.Foods on the Ark have strong cultural and regional connections.

In some cases the scientific name and other common names can be found in the full description of an item.Deer Tongue lettuce, also known as Matchless lettuce, dates back to the early 1740s, whereas the Amish Deer Tongue lettuce is variety from a later era--circa 1840.The name, deer tongue, comes from its pointed leaves that are triangularly shaped with green straight edges. This heirloom tomato was discovered in Wisconsin although its origins are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is the heart of the Amish Country.It is most likely the result of a genetically unique seed that fell from an established Havani date tree.Once discovered, it became very popular and a grove was established in what is..more...Described simply as “a classic white-fleshed peach, firm of texture yet succulent, with a honeyed sweetness”, it’s easy to understand why from year to year, Georgian residents looked forward to the two weeks in August when peach trees ripened and bore large, luminously white peaches with regal crimson sun-kissed cheeks.

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