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Here's how to do it right First-Time Trainer State-of-the-art tools for getting employees on board, engaged, and ready to learn.Handbook for Strategic HR Things are changing in the world of human resources.Creative Training Idea Book Recognized expert Robert W.

Fair, Square & Legal Field Tested Organizations that hire veterans have an unquestionable edge in the market place.New HR Analytics A crystal ball into the future value of your organization's human assets.New Human Capital Strategy A step-by-step plan for systematically improving the value of an organization's most crucial asset: its people.Chester Elton explains the remarkably simple but powerful methods great managers use to provide their employees with effective recognition, which all...Dan Carrison on Management Secrets of the FBI In its one hundred-year fight against the ever-changing tactics of organized crime and terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has learned invaluable lessons about powerful leadership and management. David Braun on Mergers and Acquisitions You've probably seen Pretty Woman, Wall Street, or Working Girl and think you have an idea of how mergers and acquisitions work: a big scary company comes to buy a small company and sell it for scrap.Instructional Design for Action Learning A facilitator's guide to delivering learner-based training that really works.

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