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Because finding the ideal person for every workplace position...Bill Conaty on Diversifying and Developing Your Skill Sets in an Ever-Changing Workplace Attracting, Developing and Retaining World Class Talent Bob Nelson on Sparking Motivation and Initiative in Your Team and Yourself Bob Nelson is an international recognized expert on finding these kinds of simple yet powerful ways to motivate people at work.How to Design, Implement, and Interpret and Employee Survey How to Develop an Employee Handbook How to create a clear, complete, and legally sound handbook for employees.

Training on Trial The defendants—corporate training programs—are hereby charged with failing to deliver results. Transforming Performance Measurement You can't accurately gauge your company's performance if you don't know what -- or how -- to measure.

Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal Everything you need to develop, create or improve, implement, and manage a performance appraisal system that actually helps improve employees' work.

Complete Human Resources Writing Guide The first writing manual designed especially for the needs and job requirements of HR professionals.

This interactive and case-study-centered employment law seminar combines a comprehensive overview of employee discrimination/EEO, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Bulletproof Your Organization: How to Create and Maintain a Harassment-Free Workplace 101 Strategies for Recruiting Success Proven ways to reel in great talent!

Creative Training Idea Book Recognized expert Robert W.

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