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Then there’s the major problem that it’s very easy for anyone (and I mean ANYONE!

) to find out your computer’s IP address from your Skype user name when you’re logged in.

Once they have your IP address, they can see where your are currently located and track your movements.

For those who might be wanting to hide where they are, this is obviously a no-no.

And remember, if you have malware on your computer, any call can be intercepted, no matter what software you use.Firstly, the company has long provided communications data to government authorities in response to court orders.Such data includes registration details, your IP address, who you called (including normal telephone numbers) and for how long.Webcam modeling work offers the opportunity to earn a full time income with a part time work schedule.A webcam job can earn you a great deal of money every year.The theory was that even if Skype delivered information about who you were talking to, they couldn’t deliver information about the actual content of your call.

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