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The mindset can in some cases lead to Honor-Related Abuse, especially when based on race/ethnicity/religion.This is a primary source of much of the unfortunate negative attitudes towards mixed couples, such as black man/white woman and Asian woman/white man pairs (see Where Da White Women At? The type is usually more passive-aggressive, and one of the big reasons why being a self-defined "Nice Guy" might mean something entirely different from actually being good or even nice.In both cases, the character might come across as a Sour Prudes. For example, a western woman might invoke Asian Hooker Stereotype when a white man dates an Asian woman.And of course, certain female characters might engage in the worst male stereotypes, especially when Played for Laughs.The type can easily come across as Insane Troll Logic, but is actually quite reasonable From a Certain Point of View: the view of a guy who believes that regular male sexuality is mostly about Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny, and that women owe him a debt of gratitude for not being a rapist like those other guys.(Of course, he might even a rapist—making the whole thing even more ironic.) Or the view of a gal who learned to identify a bit too much with My Girl Is Not a Slut.He is known to be one of the most notable comedic actors in the film industry.

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Wearing a bright, golden-yellow long sleeve shirt and matching trunks, it was hard to miss the actor, as he was spotted splashing in the water.

See also Sour Prudes and Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny, as well as Lie Back and Think of England and My Girl Is Not a Slut.

Polar opposite of Ethical Slut, where characters of any genders have fun together—and encourage potential partners to want to have sex with them, rather than trying to squeeze favors out of someone who just isn't interested.

Bob identifies himself with a community, a nationality, a religion, a subculture or whatever.

As such Bob feels Alice is obligated to be with him, one way or another.

The former justification often goes hand-in-hand with the latter.

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