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Located on the top of the Four Seasons Hotel in Australia's biggest city, the earth TV web camera offers stunning views at the white wings of the famous Opera House and the impressive Harbour Bridge!But Australia's biggest city is best known for its famous twin landmarks: the unique Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, which weighs 52,800 tonnes, the Opera seats 7,000 spectators and is Australia's most frequently photographed building.Here are the things to do in your life: Watch the fireworks displays for New Year`s Eve on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We help you to experience it all with our earth TV HD webcams!Did you know: The total area of the natural harbour is 55 kmĀ²!Sydney is host to a huge number of international sporting and cultural events - including the 2000 Summer Olympics.If you would like to donate by sending us a cheque, please make it payable to "CJQC Radio Society" and send it to: QCCR FM Radio P.

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