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How can modern technology TV, lights, fans – be coupled with Millennium Development Goals (MDG)?The village Oan is located 19 km northwest of Nagar Parkar in District Tharparkar Sindh.This project was supported in part by Deutsche Bank with a special focus on sustainability.Future collaborations are on the map with Telenor Pakistan, which recently started its services in Tharparkar district.So you'll also find Sindhi profiles of men and women who are physically challenged.Of course, we have traditional Sindhi Matrimony as well.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain so why wait? Assamese Matrimonial, Bengali Matrimony, Hindi Matrimonials, Gujarati Matrimony, Kannada Matrimonials, Malayalee Matrimony, Marwadi Matrimonials, Marathi Matrimony, Tamil Matrimonials, Punjabi, Telugu Matrimony, Sindhi Matrimonial, Urdu Matrimonial, More...Most Sindhi speakers are concentrated in Pakistan in the Sindh province, and in India, the Kutch region of the state of Gujarat and in the Ulhasnagar region of the state of Maharashtra.The remaining speakers in India are composed of the Sindhi Hindus who migrated from Sindh, which became a part of Pakistan and settled in India after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and the Sindhi diaspora worldwide.It was difficult for the programme officers to determine the affordability or price point in the villages, as often the residents would not disclose their financial/monthly income even to NGOs who had been working with them for years.After negotiations by the community members to lower the set contribution, each village household (who agreed to purchase the product) contributed 40 percent of the total cost.The product is a portable small solar light with a mobile charging component, which made the product extremely popular amongst the masses.

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