Sinopsis rule of dating korean movie


Some say this is suppose to go in a realistic direction, I never grew up in Korea but in the US the things that happen almost 99% of the time you won't really get away with or make it work.

Really disliked how the guys grotesque approach makes the lead girl fall for him.

Or the male audiences just wanted to see Kang Hye-Jung naked.

The ballsy dialogue and blunt aspect is what makes this movie stand out, but the direction this movie heads makes both the main characters dis-likable.

The whole movie is appalling in a negative way and annoying all the way through.

I give this movie a 3.8 cause there are some people like this in the real world and is a bit of a different take on movies that revolve around relationship.

While Lee Yoo-Rim seems to be content with having their relationship continue as an affair, Choi worries about having sex without “love.” Eventually the administration at their place of work finds out about their relationship and they must now hide or reveal their relationship.

And the way he tries to achieve this is an embarrassment. A lot of Korean movies, you just can't like most of the characters because they are despicable with no moral values.

And this guy in this movie is just like one of those characters, seen worse but that ain't saying much.

Everything about this movie is so awkward, I am not sure is most Korean act the way it's portrayed in this movie. I don't know why this movie did so well in Korea cause it just isn't a very good adult romantic comedy.

Hong is hardly impressed, and a battle of will and wits begins, both between each other and within themselves, as both Yu-rim and Hong are unsure of what each other wants and what they want themselves.

A guy with a talent for cards makes his way into the dangerous world of underground gambling in this crime thriller from South Korea.

During her first day on the job, English teacher Lee Yoo-Rim (Park Hae-Il) hits on her in a very brash manner.

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