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Then there was the controversial ‘notch’ design, with a black bar at the top of the screen housing major new facial-recognition hardware.

While Android and Apple will always have their die-hards, the i Phone X seemed to resonate clearly as something new – so much so that Samsung is said to be preparing its Galaxy S9 handset for an early launch to fire back as soon as possible.

Yes, Amazon has made a waterproof Kindle that can survive being submerged, and the squat design is more book-like than previous Kindles.

The basic £60 version is still a bargain, but this luxury model shows Amazon has impressive upgrades for people willing to spend more on their e-reader.

It works equally brilliantly when docked for TV play, and on the surprisingly crisp tablet screen, and its games library is already formidable. Over a year since Amazon’s Alexa assistant launched in the UK, asking a speaker to play you a song is second nature.

But while the Amazon Echo has reasonable sound quality and volume, it can’t compete with multi-room audio champs Sonos.

If Nintendo brought flexible fun with the Switch, Microsoft’s Xbox One upgrade brings the muscle.

The Xbox One X pushes console gaming towards the PC realm with this compact and powerful 4K machine.

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A virtual reality solution is being offered for gym bunnies bored with their surroundings.But as loveable as the android star of the new saga is, you can’t knock the classics. It’s also tackles the tinny sound problem with Acoustic Surface technology, which pumps audio out from behind the whole screen.This year Sphero gave fans what they really wanted – an app-controlled R2-D2 that beeps, boops, and screams its away across your living room at the push of a button. Once you get the not-so-small matter of price out of the way, the Kindle Oasis offers the ultimate e-reader upgrade: you can read it in the bath without fear of breaking it.But the presentation was described as an “utter failure” on social media when the droid left David Vander Waal, LG’s vice president of marketing, to sweat out the presentation unaided.The robot gave Mr Vander Waal his daily schedule, telling him to set the washing machine to clean his gym kit.After a few years of playing it safe with the i Phone, Apple took a bigger leap with the i Phone X.

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