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Everybody else long ago passed beyond mere doubt to a firm conviction that a man as bereft of judgment, taste and discretion as the Prince should not be authorised to represent Britain abroad.

I once heard Willie Whitelaw, Mrs Thatcher’s much-loved deputy prime minister, describe Prince Andrew as the most ill-mannered young man he had ever met.

I believe the future of the monarchy demands the presence of somebody at Buckingham Palace who fills the function, even if they do not have the title, of a chief executive.

I have argued here in the past that the Prince of Wales’s lunges into sensitive public controversies will end in tears and possibly even in a constitutional crisis.Their belief that the rules and conventions that constrain the rest of us simply do not apply to them is bred in the bone.Prince Andrew is almost as ruthless as his elder brother, the Prince of Wales, in dismissing from his counsels anyone who tells him things he does not wish to hear.Some courtiers are clever men, but all of them keep their jobs only by displaying a deference to their bosses which no member of the Downing Street staff would feel obliged to display towards the prime minister.The royals’ sense of their own status preserves a remoteness between themselves and the rest of us, which it is almost impossible to exaggerate.They offer advice, but, if the royals refuse to heed it, that is an end of the matter.

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