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Today, I hope all Canadians reflect on, or learn more about, the Great Ice Storm, and how we were there for each other." Rural communities in eastern Ontario and western Quebec — and the industries they depended on — were particularly devastated by the storm.

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Presentations are followed by a brief Q&A with the audience.

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"Twenty years later, time has not dimmed the outpouring of compassion, and sense of community, Canadians showed to each other.

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Speakers present for 15 minutes on a fascinating subject.These river-based settlements offer an ancient small-town atmosphere, historic architecture, and a diversity of heritage commodities.The freezing rain made all forms of transportation treacherous.Impassable roads hindered basic services and made it difficult for emergency vehicles to help those most in need," the statement reads.Les résultats devraient être utiles à d’autres communautés dont le développement est basé sur le marketing du patrimoine de petit village.With ten guys and ten girls, you’ll flirt, you’ll bake with the ingredients provided, and their skilled matchmakers will make sure neither your conversation nor soufflé is flat.

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