Speed dating victoria library


Being quite a bit older than her and with greying hair, I know that many young women, unless they are frustrated and lonely are not interested in significantly older men.

I saw her crossing the street and entering, exactly on time.

Thirty-first century females are generally averse to being controlled by men, and besides, most are vain and beautiful because of tremendous strides in medical science and body modification.

Lightweight and flexible, virtually indestructible, it can be formed, or into whatever shape is required.

Other advances in medical science allow it to be bonded to human skin or flesh by the insertion of microscopic implants to which the material is attached by molecular attraction.

She was desperate for a man, and a man who would take control of her life.

She was also near penniless and vulnerable.s where I planned to first meet and talk to her and where I decided I would sit before she arrived.

Although short, she was grossly overweight but with a strangely pretty, even attractive, face.

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