Step failed updating region

You can format a drive to an ext format using most partitioning applications or Linux.These steps need to be performed to make Configurable USB Loader try to launch IOS248 or IOS224 at startup.

It can store any Wii games and you can store other files on the same partition if you like.These drives are very rare, but other format types may not work on these drives.If you do want to format to WBFS for some reason, you can use the GParted tool to prepare your drive for formatting to WBFS with Cfg.If you want to use the Dolphin emulator, you should use NTFS, but otherwise it is recommended that you use FAT32.If you want to play GCN games with DIOS MIOS, you must choose FAT32. The following sections will provide some info about each format type and why you might want to use it or not use it, as well as information on how to prepare your drive for that format if you do want to use it.We highly recommend Configurable USB Loader (known as Cfg for short) as it has the most features and the best customisability of the many USB Loaders available. Configurable USB Loader does not require a hard drive, but it is recommended for installing games.

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