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This month, we made a few enhancements to commenting on prototypes, which makes it easier to add comments and pin them to a specific part of the design.Download Five free UI Kits published exclusively for Adobe XD by five talented designers to help you kickstart your projects. You can follow our handle @Adobe XD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using the #Adobe XD.The key value of using a linked vector graphic is to reduce the overhead in making edits in Illustrator and then re-importing the graphic in XD.With linked graphics, you can right click on the thumbnail in the CC Library window and select edit in the context menu.Using vector graphics you can now reuse vector content from Illustrator and Adobe Stock with XD.

Prior to this release, if you scrolled through a screen and clicked on a wired object, the prototype moved you to the top of the next screen, instead of maintaining your scroll position on the previous screen.You can use the pen or touch surface to interact with XD’s tools, create artwork on canvas, navigate through layers, interact with symbols, wire prototypes, edit properties, scroll through the preview window and so much more.Small tweaks on the go have never been easier in XD.It enables your developer preview your designs in the browser and gather relevant information like color values, measurements and styles.We’ve now added support for displaying layout grids in Design Specs(Beta).The promise of Creative Cloud is to enable you and your team to work efficiently between different CC applications.

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