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At the age of 78, 71 per cent of subjects who left the house every day lived to 85.

Only 44.3 per cent of those who leave their homes 'rarely' lived as long.

They categorized human personality under the scope of the four temperaments – sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic.

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The chief executive of Anchor, Jane Ashcroft, said: 'Going shopping is something most of us take for granted and yet many thousands of older people feel excluded from our high streets.'This is an issue not to be overlooked as it increases older people's isolation and loneliness, in turn affecting health and wellbeing.'It's also important for retailers who are missing out on huge amounts of revenue.'Getting out the house at least once a day can extend the lifespans of older people, research shows.

Even those who do low levels of exercise or have mobility problems can benefit, experts found.

A study of 70 to 90-year- olds found those who engage with the world are exposed to 'a variety of beneficial experiences'.

Bird personalities, for example, would prefer jobs that provide a great deal of freedom, while sheep personalities might flourish under the direction of a strong dog personality.

Canine personalities like the wolf, dog and fox instinctively work well with others while bear personas chafe under the direction of authority.

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