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Mr Ho, who finds it hard to meet women in the male-dominated IT industry he works in, says: "I got the service so that Dating Moments will do the work for me.

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For others, group activities intended to encourage pairing up are themselves part of the draw of such services.Mr Cai Shaoyang, a 35-year-old tutor, enrolled at two dating agencies - Lunch Actually in 2013 and The Finest Man, about a year later.Through date coaching sessions that taught him how to make a good impression through presentation and body language, he started to sport a more well-groomed appearance. Some date coaching sessions involved learning how to make conversations interesting.While speed-dating events and match-making dinners used to be the mainstay of dating agencies, some of them are branching out to organise activities for a diverse range of interests, such as rock-climbing sessions or leather-crafting workshops, according to industry insiders.Ms Chen Yingying, director of Fabrique Love, an SDNTrust accredited agency, says: "The ratio of men to women approaching dating agencies 10 years ago was probably 30 per cent men to 70 per cent women.More men are signing up for dating services, a trend that observers say reflects a growing openness to seeking help in romance.

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