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In front of me lies a copy of a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office report.

The report recounts the events which took place at your home on Friday, June 8 2012 between your 50-year-old husband Creflo and your 15-year-old daughter Lauren. It seems Officer Everett took extra care to be so, probably due to the celebrity status of the accused perpetrator.

Those are all things to think about at some point, but my primary focus right now is on Alexandria and Lauren.

As a Mom, it is very easy for me to see them both as my own children, which is why I have to ask you some hard questions.

People who exclusively date a different race usually have a fetish for that race, which is no less foolish than refusing to date a particular race because of unfair stereotypes.” Deborrah Cooper is the author of the award winning Sucka Free Love! Anyone wishing more information about this and many more parties for singles may visit Society of Single Professionals is the events division of American Singles Education, Inc., world’s largest non-profit singles organization.Men and women alike believe such a man is too educated, wealthy, and too on the ball to hit women.It is not uncommon for the wives of judges, attorneys, doctors, ministers and pastors, professors and even police officers to be terrorized by their husbands with threats of or actual violence on a regular basis.Why are you not speaking up to counter those claiming your daughters are out to destroy their father by calling the cops?How can you stand idly by and allow Creflo’s violent temper and controlling behavior to terrorize your children?We also operate The Singles Podcasting Network, featuring interviews with major authors and experts on dating and the single lifestyle.

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