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How to Avoid Dating the Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dastardly, The Dysfunctional & The Deranged. She is the veteran of numerous media interviews, including CNN, BET, Ebony, Essence, Dallas Morning News, Oakland Tribune, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Rev. Her website, full of information on creating better relationships for singles, is We are the only organization that runs events for singles worldwide, on 6 continents.

Deborrah Cooper is available to the news media for interviews by calling 510-863-0320 or by emailing [email protected] Our Singles Travel Company division organizes dozens of affordable group tours for singles each year, to exotic destinations worldwide.

Yes, I know of your husband’s world fame and mass fortune.

I understand that this happened in your home and that you might consider this a private matter; however, the fact that your husband is a world-famous public and religious figure removes any possibility of privacy.

Why are you not speaking up to counter those claiming your daughters are out to destroy their father by calling the cops?

How can you stand idly by and allow Creflo’s violent temper and controlling behavior to terrorize your children?

Sitting Creflo’s fame aside, let’s look at this matter as if his name were really Michael Smith, and he was any other father in a physical altercation with his 15-year-old daughter About Domestic Violence and Abuse of Black Children Domestic violence and child abuse (emotional, verbal, physical and sexual) are not uncommon occurrences in the black community; it’s just not talked about. It’s interesting how many women think that only ghetto thugs and low lives beat on women.

The batterer is often the man no one suspects because he is a pillar of the community - well respected, and successful.

But it’s that mysterious build up and subsequent release of tension known as an orgasm that keeps us coming back for more and more sex with our partner.

we are both black women, and we are both mothers of daughters.

I believe that makes us and millions of other black women more alike than dissimilar, and it is on the basis of those similarities that I am writing to you.

We also operate The Singles Podcasting Network, featuring interviews with major authors and experts on dating and the single lifestyle.

Dollar, we have two very important things in common…

Men and women alike believe such a man is too educated, wealthy, and too on the ball to hit women.

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