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Uniquely in the annals of guerrilla campaigns, his bloodstained efforts embraced every form of warfare, ranging from large scale battles to the ambushes of classic insurgency tactics, to urban terrorism, complete with suicide bombings.

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The city houses more than 20 heritage structures including railway stations, Museums, Book Shops, Cinema halls and many more.Long before Hamas emulated their example, Prabhakaran’s fighters were ruthless practitioners of suicide attacks. Instead, his guerrillas obtained money and guns from a global support network run by the Tamil diaspora.In 1996, they drove a lorry packed with explosives into Sri Lanka’s central bank, killing at least 90 people. In the end, however, the Tamil Tigers proved unable to withstand the full might of Sri Lanka’s army, freshly equipped with Chinese weaponry.Prabhakaran, who has born in 1954, founded the first Tamil protest movement in 1973.The grievances of this Hindu minority went back to 1956 when a new law imposed Sinhala as the country’s official language.Prabhakaran was equally adept at political assassinations: his followers changed the course of Indian history by murdering Rajiv Gandhi, the country’s prime minister, in 1991.

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