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During the conversation, confirm or suggest the following points: Abusive relationships often involve escalation and threats, and may be complicated by various physical, emotional, economic, social, and sexual factors.Ask the group what kinds of threats would be used in a marriage.Grade Levels: 9-12 This activity would be most effective if delivered in one 60-minute session.

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" Almost all participants will answer, "Of course I wouldn't date them!

The Cycle of Violence is the term given to the cycle that abusive relationships usually follow.

Learning about the cycle will help to explain why it can be difficult to get out of such a relationship.

The clip features a real couple talking about the dynamics in their relationship.

The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video.

Confirm or suggest that it is difficult for many people to understand why the victim, in this case a woman, would stay in the violent relationship.

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