Teenage dating agencies

‘They feel they can be much more intrusive because they see themselves as friends.Which is true and what’s so magical about the relationship, but it feels a bit weird because our talent don’t see themselves as being any better, bigger or more famous than the people who are watching.’ The multimillion-dollar question is, of course, why is this select bunch so successful?‘I was amazed by their power – to publish a video on You Tube and be in the top five or 10 being watched in the world almost straightaway, right up there with Ferraris crashing, man falls out of tree naked and dogs on skateboards.’ Soon he was helping them with commercial decisions, and now they are among the biggest names on Gleam’s books.The British vlogging community is close-knit, and through recommendations Gleam’s roster has grown into a who’s who of You Tube’s leading lights.Working like any other management agency, it guides young stars as they enter the confusing world of brokering deals and partnerships.

More than likely it will not be Katy Perry, Emma Watson or even Harry Styles, but a 24-year-old from Brighton called Zoe.But he insists that it is not about making a fast buck and that his team works closely with each artist and only on collaborations that make strategic sense.‘This is about establishing them in this new medium and giving them the tools and opportunities to achieve a long, illustrious, respected career,’ he says.It is as though we want to be outraged by their success because it is such a departure from what we are accustomed to.We do not begrudge Jennifer Lawrence her million per film, but the thought that an ‘unknown’ internet personality could be earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year seems to rankle.It allows me to have every hour in the day to put into making You Tube videos, which is exactly what I want.

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