Teens dating wrong person

All they care about is how far you'll go with them. Your beautiful the way you are, and shouldn't let anyone else tell you differently.Okay, ladies, men, whoever the hell is commenting on this; to those of you that say all those girls that think their ugly are ugly, well fuck you.I've had enough of girls my age thinking there not pretty, or good enough.

And when there is a girl who has no girl friends but only boy friends then she obviously is good looking.The truth is, if you think you're ugly, then you probably don't look that great because of you OWN damn opinion!You don't need to have some hot guy tell you you're pretty to know that you are!But some are so self obsesed that they are beautiful that they let others feel bad about others.This is humanity, you could write a book about it and it still wouldn't be enough.One 14-year-old girl wrote that images in magazines make her feel upset because she knows she could never be that beautiful. In fact most boys want a girl that will love them the right way and not be full of herself.

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