Teens dating wrong person


And to those of you who think all girls are beautiful, fuck you too!I'm fourteen, from a small town in Canada that more than half of our own country has never heard of.For the people that say that 'no one is perfect (the people in magazines are fake)' this is also absolutely false.

(they can be photoshopped too, although people on magazines are NOT photoshopped or airbrushed.) Also, Americans are just damn fat, America is the fattest country in the world.When you live in a town so small, you know pretty much everyone, and there is a lot of opinionated people, but baby, the trick is to ignore all the shit other people give to you.Once they see that you are happy with yourself, they'll leave you alone...During a study girls were asked to keep a diary were they recorded all the beauty images seen over three days and write down their thoughts. So girls concentrate less on your looks and try your best to become the good loving woman that all men want to spend the rest of their lives with.The low-self-esteem is closely connected to mental health problems. Well actually Glasgow has the greatest heart failure anyway more to the point, I know looks aren't everything, i personally judge by personality but if a girl is real ugly then no guy will want her however If she is very beautiful all the guys will want her, it's sad but it's the truth some will judge by sexual parts and other by body and face.All they care about is how far you'll go with them. Your beautiful the way you are, and shouldn't let anyone else tell you differently.

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