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I am Ovilash from Dhaka City, Bangladesh; age:26 now, doing my MBA and Job.

Uzma: Im sooo horny right now Uzma: In wearing a t shirt n shorts Hotplayboybd: hmm cool Uzma: Lets have a role play Uzma: Teacher n student?

Uzma: Nt much Uzma: U tell Hotplayboybd: chatting Hotplayboybd: wht u wearing now?

Today I am going to post a roleplay of fine happened with one of my sex friends. few days ago, i had this roleplay with my friend Uzma( not real name). Hotplayboybd: hi Uzma: Hi Hotplayboybd: wassup sexy?

Uzma: Good afternoon sir Hotplayboybd: hey Uzma Hotplayboybd: now? Uzma: Sir u called me for a class, i hate math n don't get a thing in it Uzma: Its soooo hot outside Hotplayboybd: u are poor in math Uzma: Can i sit on ure sofa pls, right under the ad Hotplayboybd: dont worry. ( i touched your back head)Uzma: Sir pls come sir next to me Uzma: Awhh thank u sir Hotplayboybd: hmm my pleasure Uzma: I keep my book on my thigh n pull my skirt up Hotplayboybd: having a student like you always gives me pleasure Uzma: Can i have water pls Hotplayboybd: sure Hotplayboybd: go there .

theres a water purifier there Hotplayboybd: at the corner Uzma: I drink n spill half if it on my self over the chest Uzma: Oh shit Uzma: Im soooo sorry Hotplayboybd: omg Uzma: My white shirt goes more transparent Hotplayboybd: you spoilt your shirt Hotplayboybd: open it dear.

The controlling player is often called the top or dominant while the controlled individual is called the bottom or submissive.

It can be considered dangerous and therefore a safeword is advised to continue the safety of other(s) in such acts.

How seriously the play is taken depends on the people involved, and the scenario may be anywhere from simple and makeshift to detailed and elaborate, complete with costumes and a script.

sundari:avunu Nboy:nuvvu kuda kaadanaleka sare annavu.. selavulu pettukoni vastaanule ani maata ichhaavu mee vadhinaki.. sundari:nenu computer steno job naaku 3 pillallu Nboy:pillalandaru hostel lone unnaru.. sundari:avunu nenu train ki vachaanu sundari:station lo unaanu Nboy:lopali raagaane .. baathroom vaipu chupinchi kaallu kaallu kadukkovamma ani andi.. sundari:nenu station lo digaanu Nboy:nuvvu wait chestunnavu...

jacket tight ga kattukoni vachhaavu pette pattukoni.. Nboy:mee vadhina neeku call chesi mee menalludu vastunnadu ninnu pickup chesukovadaaniki ani cheppindi phone lo.. gattiga pattukoni elaga unnavu atthaiah ani annanu.. sundari:naaku vollantha sundari:shock ayaanu sundari:nee touch ki Nboy:auto bhayata wait chestundi veldama annanu.. nee salla ni akkade nokkeyaali ani anipinchindi naaku. sundari:nenu journey valla naa cheera motham naligi poyindi sundari:bra sundari:langa Nboy:auto lo driver ki madhyalo curtain vesi undi.. sundari:tadisipoyindi sundari:1night motham journey kadaa Nboy:avunu nee bra langa thadisipoyee nee sallu chakkaga kanipistunnayee..

The popularity of the Internet has also allowed for online sexual encounters, known as cybersex, which may involve roleplay.

Many of the most common sexual roleplays involve a power differential and form part of the dominance and submission aspect of BDSM.

Nboy:nannu kasiga dengutunnadu ani manasulo anukuntunnavu..

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