Tessa virtue and scott moir dating


There’s just something about Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue.

It certainly has Canadian figure skating fans foaming at the mouth for them to admit that there’s an inherently romantic element to their relationship. In fact, there might actually be some hope for Moir and Virtue to elevate their relationship to the next level after they retire permanently.

It’s to the point where even the longtime professional figure skating partners themselves have a hard time defining the dynamics of their unmistakable rapport!

That’s as personal as I’ll get, but let’s see what happens, yeah.

“Because then we went to do the move the next time and she…” “We couldn’t look at each other,” Virtue said, laughing. “After 20 years, if you don’t have love for each other . And part of the reason maybe why we wouldn’t continue was to open up that side of our life, maybe, and see where that goes.

Obviously, there’s an intangible surge of chemistry between these two when they skate.

Anyone with eyes can tell that there’s a special, inexplicable energy between the two of them that’s unparalleled even between their competitors!

The figure skating couple allegedly shared an inadvertent passionate kiss during one of their 2014 practices, after Scott was slowly bringing Tessa down from a lift. Did they just get caught up in the moment or is there something really there between the two Olympic champions?

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