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I strongly recommend everyone here who is into that era give it a read. Cole takes care of the finances, then suggests that Georgia should sit on the dildo chair.In each episode, the premise is that the model has hired "Matthew Cole: Punishment by Appointment Only" to put herself, wearing only lacy underwear, in strenuous bondage. He also shows her the Penis Pole, a suspended spreader bar, and a St.He pulls down her panties and adjusts her arm attachment points so she can sit right down on the wooden rod, and she does. A dildo stick is attached a rope attached to her wrists. You will notice the little things that make her the master of this genre.When she pulls her wrists down, the dildo goes up to her pussy. Grade: A Karen Arthur is next up, wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and what looks like the same maroon wrap-around skirt Montgomery was just wearing. After taking care of the finances, a curious piece of editing shows Karen putting her skirt back on, getting her videotape, shaking hands with Cole, then leaving.

After a dissolve, a leather crotch strap has been securely fastened on.

I've been a little absent lately, but have been enjoying all the Db D updates and pictures, etc.

If someone wants to base a movie, or perhaps a series of movies, on a great story, there's one that particularly grabbed my interest on this very site, via Dagon, called 'The Witch Trial'. Cole films the experience and gives them a copy when they leave, well-satisfied and probably post-orgasmic. She enters, wearing a white long-sleeved sweater and beige wrap-around skirt.

Andrews cross, all of which she thinks would be just fine. Next the eager beaver is put into an inverted spread-eagle, featuring a snug crotch strap.

After getting straight to the point by lifting her sweater and feeling up her breasts, Cole shows her the flogger. Tied Eiffel Tower, she gets to rub the Penis Pole against her pantied crotch. A strap gag over mouth packing completes the tableau.

The setting was perfect, everything I dream of, except my ideal would be to have several other girls naked and chained along with her.

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