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Going on a game show isn’t necessarily the best way to find true love (just ask Vienna Girardi from “The Bachelor”), but at least you’re not going to be dating a serial killer.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Cheryl Bradshaw, a contestant on the 1970s incarnation of “The Dating Game.” She won a “date” with convicted rapist and registered sex offender, Rodney James Alcala.

Not only did Smith direct the judging segments with the finesse of a true Charlie’s Angel, but she was often a very incisive judge herself. Moonves is a succinct and powerful interviewer who always asks ejected houseguests the right questions and runs thoughtful commentary on the wacky games. Heidi Klum, , a show that may have dwindled in quality since, say, season six, but remains one of the greatest reality shows of all time.

(Though if you want to know my favorite contestant of all time, look no further than season two darling Nekisa Addis. Anne Robinson, in April of 2001 and immediately falling in love: The salty hostess’ constant putdowns and barbs felt simultaneously righteous and ridiculous, and although her stateside reign lasted but two seasons, her grim visage will forever be burned into my brain and heart. Betty White, regular to a bona fide emcee in her own right, and the results were lovely: White served as an intermediary between seven male celebrities and two female contestants, and her humorous badinage with both sides made the show worth it. Jenny Mc Carthy, is unquestionably the greatest and funnest dating game show ever, and while part of that credit goes to dreamy host Chris Hardwick, most of it goes to Mc Carthy’s ruthlessly pushy humor. You also get a sense that she sincerely cares about the contestants, no matter how hare-brained they really are. In particular, I love when she defies her co-panelists’ authority, like when she copped to liking Santino Rice’s shiny plant gown (which remains the most underrated garment in .

Association President Amy Saldanha said the event captures the unique energy and friendliness of Hopkins“It’s more like a pep rally than a state of the city,” she said.

“You’ll definitely leave excited and proud to be a part of Hopkins.”The jokes and banter were threaded with interesting trivia and key facts about the city’s big projects for the coming year: the completion of the Moline, Highway 169 construction, the Eighth Avenue Artery and the upcoming improvements to Burnes Park and Maetzold Field.

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No, this isn’t the latest whimsical offering from Stages Theatre Company. 25 performance was a new spin on the annual State of the City address, using a classic game-show format to bring residents the latest highlights in Hopkins with a light-hearted and laughter-filled presentation.Other audience members of note included Hennepin County Board Jan Callison, as well as many members of the Hopkins city staff who were credited for their hard work in the previous year.The event was sponsored by Twin West Chamber of Commerce and the Hopkins Business and Civic Association.Prior to the event, guests packed the lobby of the center to socialize, celebrate and enjoy all the city had to offer in the Taste of Hopkins event, featuring samples from 20 area restaurants and businesses from LTD Brewing and Tuttle’s to Driskill’s Grocery and the Hopkins Farmers Market.“There’s so much to love about Hopkins,” Councilmember Halverson said.While the dialogue may have been scripted, the sentiment certainly was not.“We are so proud of our city,” Cumming added, “We had a really busy 20 looks like it will be even busier.”After the flashback, residents were ushered back out into 21st century Hopkins, with a long list of what to look forward to in the year ahead. Without further ado, here’s a nonet of distaff emcees who make their respective shows both fun and cool.

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