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" asked Emily, officiously."I want to improve my English so I can work in a hotel.[Long pause] And I like children."The interview from hell dragged on, until Emily suggested a game of swingball.Three years after my first Au Pair experience and a little more mature, I decided to do it again and went to the South of Sweden to look after three blond munchkins there. Now, in the middle of my career and in my 30’s, I am realising just what a huge positive impact these months have had on my life today.I did not know this at the time, but these two experiences have taught me so much and I would not change a thing if I could. If I’d had this perspective back then, things would have been a lot easier.

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Once you have read it, and if you are happy with it, please sign and date a copy of it and send it back to us at the above address.Top Ten Safe Driving Tips, How to Avoid Weight Gain, and more!One of the most first things you should do when you hire an au pair or nanny is to clarify your’s and the au pair’s expectations, write them down and draw up a contract. We are delighted to offer you the position of Aupair, and to welcome you to our family.She would: I was hoping for someone who genuinely liked children, could cope with three at once and would make the most of living in London.The first candidate called from various Tube stations but never arrived (the agency confirmed she'd given up in despair).She yelped, clutched her head when the ball came towards her and after 30 seconds begged: "Shall we stop now? Smiling, polite and eager, she chatted to the children about her love for the Harry Potter books (all seven read in English), admitted chocolate was her favourite food and bonded with Ollie over their fear of spiders. We were all grinning when she left."We really, really like her, please can she be our au pair," they all chorused.

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